Heat Transfer Fluids Based on Ethylene Glycol

Heat transfer fluids based on ethylene glycol are a group of liquids with a freezing point below 0°C. This property is provided by ethylene glycol, which is part of such products.
Ethylene glycol coolants have good thermophysical characteristics: moderate viscosity, acceptable heat capacity and thermal conductivity.

The STRON LLC produces TEPRO-E heat transfer fluids and solutions based on ethylene glycol. You can buy a coolant produced by company Stron by choosing any suitable brand from the range of ethylene glycol-based antifreeze liquids.

Application of a heat transfer fluid based on ethylene glycol

Heat transfer fluids TEPRO-E and ethylene glycol solutions are used in the following areas:

  1. Ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  2. Heating systems.
  3. Industrial cooling of production processes.
  4. Ice arenas and skating rinks.
  5. Automobile transport.

Advantages and prices of ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids

The advantages of coolants based on ethylene glycol include their efficiency during operation due to good thermophysical parameters.

Stron LLC produces heat carriers (coolants) in accordance with its own specifications. The specified standards ensure the high quality of our products, which is constantly monitored by the laboratory.

The disadvantage of ethylene glycol-based coolants is their moderate toxicity, which should be taken into account when choosing a working fluid. This fact can be important, for example, when selecting a heat carrier for a food company. If so, you will probably need a propylene glycol based product.

If you have decided that an ethylene glycol-based coolant is right for you, then the price of the coolant will definitely please you — it will be significantly cheaper than the price of a propylene glycol-based coolant.