Selection of a heat transfer fluid

The base of the coolant

4 bases: propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, potassium formate, glycerin.

Protection against corrosion

Purchase a high-quality coolant, which contains corrosion inhibitors.

Crystallization temperature

The main property of heat/coolants is crystallization at temperatures below 0°C.

Imported analogues

Import analogues of TEPRO coolants produced by our company.

On market since 2002

Our benefits

Low-temperature coolants (antifreezes, coolants, non-freezing fluids) are working fluids for various types of heat exchange equipment.

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  • Complex solution of engineering problems
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Our products

Low-temperature heat transfer fluids (antifreezes, coolants, antifreeze liquids) are working fluids for various types of heat exchange equipment. The need for such fluids arises when it is required that the system operate at temperatures below 0°С.

Company «STRON» is a manufacturer of TEPRO heat transfer fluids. You can buy coolant from us for use in various systems and industries.

Our product range includes:

Application of heat transfer fluids

To date, TEPRO coolants are widely used for domestic and industrial purposes.

The main areas of application of heat transfer fluids:

  • Heat carriers for heating systems
  • Heat carriers for pharmaceutics
  • Теплоносії для теплових насосів
  • Heat carriers for ice arenas
  • Heat carriers for air conditioning and ventilation
  • Coolants for industrial cooling
  • Heat carriers for the food industry
  • Heat carriers for solar systems.


In addition to the production and sale of heat transfer fluids, our company is engaged in solving complex engineering problems that our customers face:

How to order

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