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  • Manufacture and sale of heat transfer fluids
  • Maintenance of own products. Technical support and assistance
  • A set of related engineering and technical problems
  • Laboratory examinations

Low-temperature heat carriers (antifreezes, refrigerants, coolants) are working fluids for heat exchange equipment of various types.

The need for such fluids arises when it is necessary for the system to operate at temperatures below 00C.

The STRON LLC is a manufacturer of heat transfer fluids TEPRO. Here you can buy a heat carrier for use in various systems and industries.


Our product range includes:

  • heat carriers TEPRO-P based on propylene glycol;
  • heat carriers TEPRO-E based on ethylene glycol;
  • heat carriers TEPRO-G based on glycerin;
  • aqueous solutions of propylene glycol;
  • aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol.

Application of heat carrier TEPRO

Today TEPRO coolants are widely used for home and industrial purposes.

The main areas of application of heat transfer fluids:

  1. Heat carriers for heating systems.
  2. Heat carriers for air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  3. Heat carriers for the food industry.
  4. Coolants for industrial refrigeration.
  5. Heat carriers for the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Heat carriers for solar systems.
  7. Heat carriers for heat pumps.
  8. Heat carriers for ice arenas.

A detailed description of TEPRO heat carriers is located on the corresponding pages of the site.

Advantages of TEPRO heat transfer fluids

The quality of our heat transfer fluids is not a subject for discussion. It is always on top and meets all the standards adopted for this type of product both in Ukraine and abroad.

The price of the heat carrier is formed in such a way as to be as acceptable as possible for consumers, taking into account the quality of the product they receive.

The system of loyalty and discounts developed by us allows you to find an option that will satisfy almost any customer.

You can buy a coolant by contacting us in any way convenient for you:

  • by phones: 050-410-75-50; 067-105-79-75; 044-492-03-42 / 43;
  • by email: sales@stron.com.ua, stronltd@gmail.com;
  • through the feedback form on the "Issue an invoice" page.

In addition to the production and sale of heat transfer fluids, our company is engaged in solving complex engineering problems that arise for our consumers:

  • laboratory analysis of coolants; control of coolant parameters;
  • adjusting the properties of the heat carrier, restoration of used heat carriers;
  • replacement of the coolant at industrial facilities; within the framework of this - chemical washing of the circuits, fluid drainage and injection.

For all types of work, contracts are concluded and acts of completed work are drawn up.

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