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Water solutions of propylene glycol are a mixture of propylene glycol and distilled/demineralised water. According to specifications, they are designed for use in various industries for technological needs.

  • propylene glycol
  • demineralized water
  • colorants
Approved for use in the food industry.
Does not contain glycerin and other components that increase the viscosity!

Technical Data

SolutionDensity at +200С, g/cm3Freezing point, 0С
PG Solution -100С1,022 - 1,024-11…-10
PG Solution -150С1,026 - 1,028-16…-15
PG Solution -200С1,031 - 1,034-21…-20
PG Solution -250С1,034 - 1,036-26…-25
PG Solution -300С1,036 - 1,038-31…-30
PG Solution -350С1,038 - 1,039-36…-35
PG Solution -400С1,040 - 1,041-41…-40
SolutionDensity at +200С, g/cm3Freezing point, 0С
PG Solution 20%1,013 - 1,016-6…-5
PG Solution 25%1,018 - 1,021-11…-9
PG Solution 30%1,022 - 1,025-13…-11
PG Solution 35%1,026 - 1,028-17…-16
PG Solution 40%1,031 - 1,033-22…-21
PG Solution 45%1,034 - 1,036-27…-25
PG Solution 50%1,037 - 1,038-33…-31

The price of the coolant

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How the price is formed

The price of the coolant and the price of propylene glycol solutions takes into account the high quality of the products, remaining optimal and affordable for our customers.

It is clear that the cost of our Tepro-P and Tepro-Solar coolants is higher than the price of propylene glycol solutions, which is due to their complex formulation and improved characteristics.

Of course, a high-quality product cannot be completely cheap, but its price is much lower than the price of the equipment in which it will work for many years.

And finally, the more you buy, the greater discount you get, and the lower the price of the coolant for you.

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Delivery of coolant

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