Heat Transfer Fluids Based on Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluids are a class of liquids with a freezing point below 0°C, in which propylene glycol is an antifreeze component.

Propylene glycol coolants are widely used primarily due to their environmental properties, because propylene glycol is a permitted food additive.

The company «STRON» is a manufacturer of TEPRO-P heat transfer fluids and solutions based on propylene glycol.
Both large industrial consumers and small households can buy the heat carrier of our production.

Application of propylene glycol coolant

Heat transfer fluids TEPRO-P and propylene glycol solutions are used in the following areas:

  1. Production of wine, beer, dairy and meat products, confectionery, as well as other food industries.
  2. In the climatic systems of public, residential and industrial buildings.
  3. For industrial refrigeration, for example in injection molding machines.
  4. In the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. In solar systems.
  6. In heat pumps.

Advantages of TEPRO-P heat transfer fluids based on propylene glycol

The quality of the heat carriers of our production is not inferior to foreign counterparts. All products are made from the best imported raw materials. The quality of the TEPRO-P refrigerant is constantly monitored by accredited laboratories.

The environmental friendliness of heat carriers based on propylene glycol and the possibility of its use in the food industry is confirmed by the sanitary and hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health.

The price of the heat carrier and the price of propylene glycol solutions take into account the high quality of the products, however, it is optimal and acceptable for our customers.