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During the operation of the coolant, various tasks arise that have to be solved by technical personnel.

One of them is chemical flushing of the circuit.

During the operation of the heating or cooling circuit, various processes occur that lead to its contamination. Deposits accumulate on the inner surfaces of equipment and pipelines, which impair heat transfer and impede the flow of the coolant. The composition of deposits can be very diverse: hardness salts, rust, foreign substances from outside.

In many cases, chemical washing of the circuit will help remove such deposits. Chemical washing is carried out using various chemicals that dissolve dirt and scale and allow them to be removed from the circuit.

We offer to buy reagents for chemical washing IN-ECO from a Lithuanian manufacturer.
They are acidic and alkaline concentrates for cleaning mineral and organic deposits, intended for use in heat exchange equipment of various types and compositions.

Descriptions of IN-ECO reagents can be found on the page Chemical Reagents.

Another task that arises during the operation of coolants is their quality control.

The stability of the circuit depends on the parameters of the coolant, therefore it is necessary to regularly check the quality of the working fluid.

In this matter, you can either resort to our help (Laboratory analysis of coolants), or use test devices.
Using such devices, it is possible to test, for example, the density, freezing point and pH of the heating medium.

You can buy a refractometer, buy a hydrometer, buy a pH meter by calling the Stron LLC sales department.

Fixture descriptions are found on the page Test instruments