Delivery and filling

Upon customer request, we can provide delivery of the purchased heat transfer fluid to the site. If necessary, the scheme of delivery can be as follows:

  1. Delivery is performed in small batches in shipping container according to the rate of filling the system with the heat transfer fluid. Such a scheme is preferred when the customer does not want to clutter up the construction site or a facility located in the crowded downtown, where large vehicles have no access.
  2. The entire volume of the heat transfer fluid is delivered using side trucks in transport containers. They are unloaded at the site; empty containers are taken away after filling the system.
  3. Delivery of the heat transfer fluids to the site using a tank truck. Filling the system «from wheels»

For delivery of products using various patterns, our company has its own automobile transport, as well as time-tested contacts with reliable logistics companies which promptly pick any necessary transport for transportation on the entire territory of Ukraine.
Large fleet of containers allows us to deliver any volume of fluids.

We can also solve problem of unloading transport when there is no loading and unloading equipment (forklifts, cranes, etc.) at the site.


Pumping (filling) of the heat transfer fluid in the installed system may cause some difficulties. In accordance with the design solution, a system may consist of several local circuits, and connections for filling each circuit may be located in different locations. We faced situations where the filling point was at a considerable height; access to the filling point was substantially limited; filling point was at the bottom, and there were no pumps on site capable of taking the heat transfer fluid to the desired height.

Our team has experience in solving such problems. We have a fleet of necessary equipment and developed a plan of actions for each case.

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