Correcting heat transfer fluids

Correcting heat transfer fluids

There are many reasons for changing the composition of operated heat transfer fluid. Regardless of the reasons, such changes can be divided into three main groups:

  • contamination of the heat transfer fluid;
  • increasing the freezing temperature of the heat transfer fluid (decreasing concentration of the basic substance);
  • reducing the level of corrosion protection (reducing quantity of corrosion inhibitors).

You can see an example of purifying a contaminated solution on the picture.

In many cases, the problems can be solved by adjusting the composition of the heat transfer fluid. For this purpose, initially the composition of the operated heat transfer fluid is analyzed, then the scheme of correcting is developed on the basis of received data. After its implementation, the system enters the normal operating mode. We can recommend carrying out periodic monitoring of the heat transfer fluids in the future.

If correcting of the heat transfer fluids is feasible, it is more economically sound than complete replacement of the operated heat transfer fluid by a new one.

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