Utilization Chemical washing

During operation of a heating or cooling circuit there are various processes that lead to its contamination. Sediments accumulate on the inner surfaces of equipment and pipelines (see picture), which impair heat transfer and prevent flowing of the heat transfer fluid. In many cases, chemical washing of a circuit can help to get rid of such deposits

Chemical washing

We designed a special installation which allows washing big systems of industrial enterprises.

In order to prevent working «with eyes closed», at random, we begin with an analysis of a sample of sediments. Further information can be obtained from analysis of the coolant circulating in the circuit. Based on these results we select the most efficient washing reagents and prepare a process chart.

Cost of the work depends on the complexity of the problem and is formed for each client individually.

Preference is given to customers which make a complex order: chemical cleaning system plus acquisition or correcting of the heat transfer fluid, followed by filling the heat transfer fluid into the cleaned circuit.