Delivery of inhibitors

Corrosion of metals, of which the system is constructed, sooner or later manifest in all the circuits with operating antifreezes. These effects can be minimized by using corrosion inhibitors (anti-corrosion additives).

Corrosion inhibitors are included in quality heat transfer fluids. For example, a package of additives is used in our TEPRO heat transfer fluids, which protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion.

If your system was filled with a solution of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol without corrosion inhibitors, and you noticed that the solution became brown and muddy, fistulas appeared in the metal, it means that corrosion processes in the system develop freely. To stop them and prevent further destruction of the system it is necessary to add a package of corrosion inhibitors.

At your request, we will analyze the solution from the system, make calculations, and form a proposal for the addition of corrosion inhibitors into the system.

Delivery of inhibitors on the production system

Delivery of inhibitors on the production system