Tepro-G based on glycerine

TEPRO series of heat transfer fluids on the basis of glycerin includes three models of working fluids: Tepro-10G, Tepro-20G and Tepro-30G.


Tepro-G heat transfer fluids are liquids based on glycerin with freezing temperature below 00С.
According to specifications, heat transfer fluids are intended for using in heat exchangers in a variety of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, as Glycerin is a food additive (E422).


Composition: Glycerin, distilled water, corrosion inhibitors, antifoamers, dye.
Package of corrosion inhibitors effectively protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion and sealing parts from deformation.


Tepro-10G, -20G, -30G


Clear homogeneous liquid


Corresponding to the colour of the dye used

Density at 200С, g/cm3

1.070 - 1.175

Freezing point, 0С, not higher

Depending on the model, -10, -20, -30

Fraction indices: Initial boiling point, 0С, not lower


Mass fraction of liquid, distilled until reaching temperature of 1500С, not more

Depending on model

From 45 to 75

Corrosive action on metals, g/m2 per day, not more:

 -Copper, brass, steel, cast iron, aluminium





Foaming, volume of foam after 5 minutes, cm3, not more


Foam stability, sec, not more than


Swelling of rubber,%, not more than




Alkalinity, cm3, not less than



Tepro-G heat transfer fluids are ready for use. Do not dilute with water!

Prevent mixing with foreign substances! Do not mix with heat transfer fluids of other manufacturers!

Heat transfer fluids must be operated under normal conditions

  • Before filling the system with the fluid, wash, clean the system and make sure it is waterproof;
  • Avoid boiling and freezing of the heat transfer fluid;
  • If it is necessary to add the heat transfer fluid, use only heat transfer fluid of the same model.

WARNING! Content of the operated heat transfer fluids may change in case of failure to comply with the above mentioned measures, as well as in time!