Heat transfer fluids for heating systems

It is not uncommon that a heating system works periodically during the cold season. This may relate to both holiday cottages and industrial enterprise. To avoid freezing of the system and breaking of pipes, it is necessary to have fluids capable of withstanding temperatures below 00С.

To solve this problem, environmentally friendly Tepro-P heat transfer fluids on the basis of propylene glycol may be used; as well as safe, but more viscous glycerin-based Tepro-G heat transfer fluids; moderately toxic heat transfer fluids Tepro-E, based on ethylene glycol. Tepro-Mix are trade-off decisions according to the ratio of technical properties and price. When you select heat transfer fluid, consider the possibility of direct contact of a heat transfer fluid with people, consider possibility that vapour may enter areas with people, as well as specifications.

Examples of use of HTF in heating systems



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